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“PlateShare” is not just a food app; it’s a gastronomic journey waiting to unfold. We’ve redefined the way you experience dining by offering a unique and diverse culinary world right at your fingertips. “PlateShare” brings together food lovers and restaurants in a single app. Discover diverse cuisines, support local eateries, and connect with fellow food enthusiasts. Satisfy your cravings and share your passion. Download “PlateShare” now for a unique culinary experience.

Introducing "PlateShare" - A World of Flavors in One App

“PlateShare” is your gateway to a vibrant world of culinary delights, all in one app. We’ve reimagined dining by bringing together a diverse community of food lovers and a multitude of restaurants, creating a delightful multi-vendor restaurant experience.

Whether you’re craving your favorite comfort food or eager to explore new tastes, “PlateShare” is your go-to destination. It’s not just a dining app; it’s a food lover’s paradise, where your cravings, connections, and culinary dreams come together.

Join us on a gastronomic journey like no other. Download “PlateShare” today and savor the taste of community and convenience, one plate at a time.

Our Work

  • Plateshare’s user-centric front end offers an intuitive marketplace where restaurants (merchants) can showcase their menus and dishes. This provides end-users with a wide selection of culinary options to explore and choose from.
  • Behind the scenes, Plateshare’s backend efficiently manages three distinct user interfaces: one for restaurants (merchants), another for riders responsible for food delivery, and a user-friendly interface for end-users who place orders.
  • A standout feature of Plateshare is the live tracking of food deliveries. Users can monitor the real-time location of their orders as they make their way from the restaurant to their doorstep. This feature enhances transparency and reduces anxiety about delivery times.
Software Development
Payment Gateway
FCM Cloud Messaging
Java Spring Boot

Client Feedback

"I've been really impressed by how well they communicate and the talent they bring to the table."
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