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Idea to software , fast.

Skills That Define Us

MVP Development

Turn your idea into a working prototype whether its a web app or mobile. We can do both.

Staff Augmentation

Get the skills you need on your team now without hiring full time.

AI Consulting

Finetune any foundation model for your specific use case.

Design Partners

Bring your taste into pixels with our experts.

Projects Built & Deployed
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Team Members & Advisors

How we do things

Step 01

Problem Discovery

Schedule a free introductory consultation with our team.

Step 02

Solution Formation

We brainstorm and develop ideas based on the insights gathered from the initial consultation.

Step 03

Data Collection

Harnessing the power of AI for insightful data gathering.

Step 04


Empowering your team with AI expertise and skills.

Step 05

Deployment & Testing

Ensuring AI solutions seamlessly integrate into your operations for enhanced efficiency.

Step 01

Problem Discovery

We thoroughly analyze the market and target audience to pinpoint pain points and opportunities for a successful MVP.

Step 02

Solution Formation

We brainstorm and ideate innovative solutions, aligning them with your business goals and user needs.

Step 03

Proposed Solution

We present a comprehensive plan that outlines the MVP’s features, functionality, and design, ensuring it aligns with your vision.

Step 04

Project Kickoff

We initiate the project, assemble the development team, and establish clear project milestones and timelines.

Step 05

Development & Iteration

We start building the MVP, employing an agile approach to continuously refine and adapt based on user feedback.

Step 06

Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and quality checks are conducted to ensure the MVP meets high standards of functionality, performance, and security.

Step 07

Deployment & Launch

We deploy the MVP to the chosen platform, ensuring a seamless and successful launch to your target audience.

Step 08

Post-Launch Support

Our team provides ongoing support, monitoring, and updates to keep the MVP optimized and user-friendly, responding to any issues promptly.

Our customers love us for our work

Digi Diary

Personal diary mobile application for recording your thoughts on the go!

Workforce Orbit

Connects you with skilled professionals, ready to tackle your home maintenance needs. 


Brings together food lovers and restaurants. Discover diverse cuisines and support local eateries. 

Style Sync

Discover the latest trends and timeless classics, all within a seamless shopping experience.

Medical Notes

Efficient patient data management for hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Explore Pakistan

 Go-to app for unlocking the beauty and culture of Pakistan.

Our story

Three friends. Started in Pakistan from two people. Now a team of 30. Working from Canada & Pakistan with customers in US , Germany and Canada. Relentless in making our customers happy.

Founder Stories

Our new podcast with up and coming founders to know more about them and their companies.

EP 01

Kaderjan Ilghar

When and How to start a Startup

EP 02

Shadi Nachat

Helping restaurants take orders fast

EP 03

Cole Braun

Helping Student Athletes get jobs

EP 04

Berit Hoffman

Finding your 'Y' in a

Countries of operation

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