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When and How to start a Startup

Kaderjan Ilghar

Dive into the startup world with Kaderjan. Turn your idea into a market success and learn why not all startups wear the same cloak of success. 

Blog Interview

Helping Restaurants take orders lightning fast

Shadi Nachat

Shadi shares insights on innovation, hardware challenges, and the future of self-service kiosks in the fast food industry.

Blog Interview

Helping Student Athletes get Jobs

Cole Braun

Cole’s inspiring journey, and AthLink’s mission to bridge the gap between sports and professional success.

Blog Interview

Aligning Stakeholders for Product Teams

Berit Hoffman

Berit talks about problems product teams face when communicating and aligning stakeholders on product direction.

Blog Interview

Using AI Assistants to accelerate Filmmaking

Evan Kelman

After making several award-winning films, Evan wants to help new filmmakers accelerate the process of writing, designing, and producing for film and TV.

Blog Interview

Extend your Favorite Stories forever with AI

Zarah Del Rosario

Zarah is helping bring your characters and stories to life with the power of AI. Continue your favorite stories long after thier initial telling.

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